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Originally Posted by Shaolin
To anyone here supporting the Christian argument....

Please give me solid, reliable proof that God exists. Please prove with solid reliable data that man was created by Adam and Eve's incesteous sinning in the Garden of Eden..

Hmm i wonder what evolution is? Oh my GOD, are you saying that people aren't getting taller every year, cause im pretty sure the average height of an adult male only 100 years ago or so was around 5'6.

The simple fact is, there is more valid data that supports arguments against Religion. So you blame Satan for God torturing people? Satan was fabricated by the Bibel, thus religion created Evil in essense.

It's all fine calling a statistically infrequent occasion a 'miracle' but blowing up abortion clinics and snipering stem cell researchers is pushing the line. Oh and blowing the shit out of Palestinians with Apache helicopters, and invading Iraq, and having a Christian President with satanic intention.

So, all you Goth hating religious zealouts, you are hating yourself, a product of your own religion. SO please.

Stop living in a dream world! There is no hazzy bubble of God to protect you, this is life live it on the edge, because you could die tommorow and you know what will happen, you will rot, maggots will eat your flesh and you won't see, hear, feel, just won't anything.
Please, give me solid, reliable, proof that God doesn't exist. See? The argument works both ways.

And I stated this before about evolution: People who have studied realize that the whole creation story is metaphorical.

I agree with you about the blowing up abortion clinics and sniping abortion doctors thing. Anyone who does that in the name of God is a moron. Plus, there's one line in the Bible that goes something like "One isn't alive until they receive their first breath of God", so since babies don't breathe until they're born, nobody can back up abortion with their faith.

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