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I'm sure you've all heard about how Denmark and a few other european countries [EXCLUDING THE U.K. AND IRELAND], have pissed off every muslim in the world by publishing a cartoon of the prophet Muhammed with a bomb shaped turban.

As a non-muslim, I think that was totally inconsiderate of them but the muslim reaction to it has been utterly disgusting. Burning danish, norwegian, french and german flags, torching embassies and even in London, there were demonstraters calling for another 7/7 and our government and police forces are just sitting back twiddling their thumbs. They're blaming this on all of Europe which pisses me off as well. Just look at their disgusting openly murderous placards in protests everywhere, including London calling for "death to Europe." Europe is not one country!!! The innocent citizens are not to blame - nor is the government

30 Sept 2005: Danish paper publishes cartoons
20 Oct: Muslim ambassadors complain to Danish PM
10 Jan 2006: Norwegian publication reprints cartoons
26 Jan: Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador
30 Jan: Gunmen raid EU's Gaza office demanding apology
31 Jan: Danish paper apologises
1 Feb: Papers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain reprint cartoons
4 Feb: Syrians attack Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus
5 Feb: Protesters sack Danish embassy in Beirut
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