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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Just through thinking about it i found out i am Bi (but more interested in men.) I was so fonfused, adn i just thought about it, adn now it all seams clear. This was not long a go at all.

Which is is why i want to thank the VT forums, i feel like i have had a massive weight lifted from my shoulders, i actually feel happier. I am not going to burst out to people at school, because during puberty anything can change, so i want to wait till my hormones have settelled before i come out of the closet as it where.
But i am so happy now that i am pretty sure what i am, and when i first joined here, i was worried about being Gay or Bi, but after readign about it, i know its nothing bad, and that homophobics are just as bad as racists.

So thanks to VT and ALL the members here. You've been a masssssiiiivveee help!
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