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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

When i was younger i always felt tingly in my stomach when i saw guys with no top nd stuff but i had a crush on girls nd stuff. Then when i hit puberty i realized i liked naked guys but i still had crushes on girls.
Now I just say that I'm gay nd only my bff know (3 girls 1 boy)
I still have 3 other friends i want to tell but i keep backin out 2 are guys who are more guyish den d other 1 i told.
Then there is this girl who i really want to tell but i dont know why i cant.
When we were younger we kissed maybe that is why i cant
I really wished i could tell them

sex is like math
subract the clothes
add the bed
divided the legs
and pray to god you dont mulitply
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