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I indeed have a firewall. It asks me EVERY time if i want to allow it, block it, or always alow it or always block it . . . i pretty much allow everything that i use day to day. I turned it off and tried it and i turned it on allow all mode and tried it no difference....let met try that dns thing :>...

Nope no difference.

And to answer your question Kiros, no i havent done anything. I let my step bro go on the pc to play his little runescape game ..i was in the room the whole time and he is too stupid to know how to do anything else but i did tell him it was running really slow (and it does on the weekends for some reason, REALLY slow...) so he might of fucked something up ...

DNS didnt change anything and i tried all three . . Any possibility that it is a virus?
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