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There are like 10 billion of these, but I don't care I'll fill it out I'm bored.

Basic –
1-What is your name? – Anthony
2-Date – 1/26/05
3-time – 5:40 P.M
4-Str8t/BI/Gay – Straight
5-Hair color – brown/blonde (had to look in the mirror for that one)
6-Hair style – shorter and messy (I don't comb it)
7-Height – 5' 11''
8-Age – 16
9-Zodiac – Whatever 10/10 is
10-Shoe size – 12

Personal –
11-The one thing you can’t live without – magic (deck of cards, coins, etc.)
12-Person you hate the most – Terrorists (none in particular, they are all the same to me)
13-3 best qualities – of me? good qualities? I guess I'm nice, I try to act like a gentleman, and....I'm reliable
14-3 worst qualities – chubby, annoying, not "normal", secluded, shy, bold...I think I can stop there....
15-What makes you happy – Possum Kingdom Lake
16-What makes you sad – People being unhappy
17-The best thing you have done in life – Performed a magic show for a deaf girl, made her day.
18-Do you have a G/F – Haha, yea right...see number 14
19-Do you have a B/F – Nope
20-Do you have a crush - Nah (see my diary if you really care)
21-Turn on – Relaxed, not very serious.
22-Turn off – Uptight
23-Do you think personality or looks are more important – Personality
24-First thing you notice about someone – Face
25-Do you get along with you parents – Yes
26-Are they divorced, married, custody ECT – Married
27-Have you gotten the talk by your parents – My dad tried
28-In sex Ed class are you that kid that asks all the questions – Nope, I know all the answers
29-What do you sleep in – Boxers or nude if I'm home alone
30-What type of underwear – Boxers
31-Have you ever gone commando – Yes
32-Shave or trim your pubes – Nope
33-Have you ever been completely panted – Huh?
34-Has anybody ever come out of the closet to you – Nope
35-Do you were make up – Only when girls make me

36-Your best physical feature – Eyes (deep blue and green)
37-Person you are most attracted to – Don't have a name, but generally a white girl with a little bit of a tan. Hair doesn't matter, nor do eyes. Clean face.
38-When did you hit puberty – 6th grade (11-12)
39-Penis soft – prolly 1-3inches (depends on the temperature)
40-Penis hard (be honest) – 7''
41-Girth – Never measured
42-Circumcised – Yes
43-Virgin – Yes
44-When did you lose it (if applicable) – N/A
45-Where did you lose it – N/A
46-Most you have done with a guy – Masturbated together
47-Most you have done with a girl – Kiss on the cheek
48-The first time you have jacked off – Summer before 8th grade
49-# of times a WEEK you jack off – 7-9
50-Most times you have jacked off in a day – 4
51-Shooter or dribbler – Dribble (shoot sometimes)
52-Where do you usually jack off – Shower/Room
53-When do you usually jack off – Night
54-Do you use any techniques when you jack off – Stop 'N' Go
55-Do you use lube – Nope
56-Have you ever jacked off with someone else – Yes
57-Who – My Friend
58-How did it come about – Watched porn
59-Have you ever been caught jacking off – No
60-Do you like jack off sessions to be long or short – Long
61-Do you watch porn – Sometimes
62-What kind – Guy on girl
63-Do you watch porn with your friends – Yes
64-Do you like being nude – Alone, yes
65-Do you walk around home nude if no one is home – Yes
66-Do you use a urinal or go to the toilet – urinole
67-Where is the weirdest place you have ever pissed – Desert I guess
68-Have you ever used a public toilet – Yes
69-Do you wake up with boners – Used to
70-have you ever had a wet dream -- Nope
71-Have you ever compared sizes with someone – Kinda....
72-Are you comfortable with seeing another person’s penis – Yes
73-Are you comfortable with showing your penis – Kinda...
74-Have you used a public shower E.G. after gym glass, at a pool – No
75-Did you get a boner – N/A
76-Did you see a person getting one – N/A
77-What do you use to clean u jizz – Down the Drain
78-Favorite sex position with guy – Wouldn't do anal.
79-Favorite sex position with girl – I'd like Missionary, very intimate.
80-Do you like to give oral – Never had, wouldn't mind trying
81-Do you like to receive oral – Prolly would
82-Do you spit or swallow – I would spit
83-Have you ever had cybersex – No
84-Do you like being spanked – No
85-Do you like being tied up – No, but I would like to tie up.

Other –
86-Do you do drugs or have you done drugs – No
87-What kind – N/A
88-Do you smoke – No
89-Do you drink – Never have
90-If you can buy anything – I might try it eventually
91-Most pain you have been in emotionally – 6th grade wanted to kill myself....
92-Most pain you have been in physically – Wipe outs while kneeboarding
93-What kind of job do you want when you are older – Doctor/Real estate
94-What is on the wall of your room – Chicago Bull's poster
95-Are you popular – Ha! No
96-Your favorite quote, phase, ECT – One I came up with, "Would you rather a life worth living or a death worthy dying."
97-Do you were any of those jelly “sex” bracelets -- No
98-Pets – 1 Dog, 7 years old, Golden Retriever, named Penny

99-Animal – Dog
100-Sport – Watch: Baseball
Play: Tennis/Basketball
101-Color – Red
102-Friend – Prolly Jake up the street.
103-Song – "Whiskey Lullabye"
104-Movie – Lord of the Rings
105-Feeling – Relaxed (only truly feel it at Possum Kingdom)
106-Shoes – Don't care

107-Mood – Bored....not sad not happy.
108-Music – "99.9% Sure"
109-Taste – Spit
110-Hair condition – As I woke up.
111-Smell – Fine, not good not bad
112-Hunger level – Pretty, not a lot
113-Longing – Real friends
114-Worry – Same as usual....people finding out how fucked up I really am.

There ya go.