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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Originally Posted by Alone View Post
I only joined this to help try and stop myself from continuing further for the sake of my cousin. Yesterday he came into the bathroom accidently and found that I had cut myself numorous times. Yesterday I cut myself:
47 shallow chests cuts
45 Shallow/medium stomach cuts
8 medium right leg cuts
6 medium left leg cuts

I made my own cousin who is 20 cry at the site of the blood dripping off of me and at the lenghts at which I had gone. I only wish to stop because of the way he reacted. To be honest I dont want to stop, It makes me feel better when I do it. It's how I cope with my problems is that such a bad thing.
Mate let me ask you a question....
Do you honestly want to deal with things in such a destructive manner? How are you going to explain all the scars all over your body when your older? When you have kids and want to take them to the swimming pool what will your reply be when they ask you "where did all those boo-boos come from on your arms and legs and chest?" what will your reply be to that?
You need to think hard about how bad you want to actually quit doing this to yourself..... Cutting is never the answer.

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