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Default *Sighs*...

Well the microphone still doesnt work but thanks to everyone that tried. Unfortunately, i have a bigger more annoying problem.

It happened sometime yesterday night . . i just went to my pc (im on my laptop now) and tried to start my game but it couldnt connect. I tried to start trillian, it couldnt connect. I tried to start mozilla . . .Couldnt connect. And last of all, i tried internet explorer, it couldnt connect. On the bottom right it saids that there is a connection of 11mpbs with an OK connection )about 60 percent since im in a different room, but it has always been like this)

So now im screwed and have no clue what to do . . nothing on the internet works HOWEVER if i go into the COMMAND-PROMPT and type in ''ping'' or ''ping'' (<--game server) then i will get a ping back . . so confused can i not connect if well..i am connected. When is tart my interneet i dont immediatley get the ''This page cannot be displayed'' I get a white screen for about 10 minutes THEN i get that.. hmph
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