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No it does.... im going to spoil it but the trailer already does.... She keeps getting calls and he knows exactly what shes doing. SHe calls the police and said they can GPS track his cell phone but shell need to stay on the phone with him for a min. And then he calls back and says, I want your blood all over me. Then he hangs up, then she gets a call and the police said. Jill, its the police, listen to me very carefully, we traced the call, its comming from INSIDE the house..... (She thought he was watching her through the windows) He is a serial killer who has killed 15 people in the past. But then at the end u see him.... in the full light.... and its like usualy ur sapposed to see who it was from erlier... like ooo his the butler, or oooo hes the dad.... but its just this random guy... which is why it sucked haha

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