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Default I smell roses

“I smell roses”
and that’s all the warning you got
she was on the floor in a matter of seconds
twitching and writhing in pain
not screaming
more a whimper
you panic
what do you do?
Can you really do anything at all?
Not really, but you try
You try to help this poor girl
That you don’t even really know
But would like to know
Its really too late
Her hands and legs are flailing wildly
Smacking the ground with tremendous force
Her face is already bleeding from being pelted by her own fist
A few seconds later
She’s stopped convulsions now
You are crying
Is she going to be ok?
You don’t really know
You call the police
“she’s going to be all-right”
but they were wrong
four days later you are at a funeral
“you were there right”
“yes I was”
you can barely bring yourself to tell the grief ridden mother what happened
you do in the end
and she nods and walks away
your all alone now
just you and your conscious
she won’t be there to wish you well
you have to fight your own battle
walk your own walk


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