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A general rule of English is that closly mispelled words are tolerable- that is what fuels change of languages. I am only critical of words that are mauled past recognition.

To respond to the chart posted- When house Republicans tried to cut our debt by 100s of billions earlier this year, House Democrats shot them down and revised the spending cut down to somewheres near 60 billion. They ARE the big spenders. Weak Republicans let the Democrats away with murder of our economy. Although Clinton did reduce spending, he sent the economy into a downward spiral. Bush had trouble picking it up again.

Economy is not only guaged by national debt. In fact, our country runs much less of a deficit than most corporations. Economy instead is gauged by unemployment rates and how well people are paid, as well as market movements, CPI and similar statistics.

Unemployment rate under Bush: 4.7%
Unemployment rate under Clinton: 5.2%

(adjusting for population changes, that's about 13.5 million jobs Bush has created)

The DJIA under Clinton was also dead. In 95, when Clinton was touting an economic boom, the stock market was barely beating 5000. Bush took us out of a Stock Market Crash and our economy has supported the markets to grow by leaps and bounds. It is now over 11,000.

Congress also defeated Bush's plan to revamp social security. Most former communist countries who have now accepted Democracy know of the terrors of a social program. Former communist countries such as Chile have privatized retirement accounts. Since Democrats want to save a failed system, in a few short years, social security will take 60% of our nation's budget. MORE THAN NATIONAL DEFENSE!

Just look at that, and tell me who is wasting your tax money. Add it to liberal porkbarrel projects, and you've gotten yourself into some financial troubles.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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