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Originally Posted by Dfsg
Wow, incredibly diverse vocabulary with a smattering of close-minded jargon. Also, you could spell some of the diseases correctly... Koler. If you think that we are days away from curing all disease with stem cells, you are terribly mistakened.

You also can't understand simple economic concepts. I'll explain in simple terms. Stem cell treatment (once it is more widely available)=expensive. If we want all people to be able to get it, it'll have to be covered by insurance. So- Insurance costs go up. High insurance costs take money out of the worker's pocket, so the economy flounders. Several people would probably have to get rid of their health insurance, and then not be able to get stem cells at all. Therefore, only the rich would be able to get it anyway.

It's not an issue of Republican v Democrat. It's an economic issue based on just a liberal pipe dream of a cure-all that doesn't yet exist, and might not even exist. Bush even tried- he was the FIRST president to put any public funds into stem cell research. I don't like that he did this, but there you have a conservative doing something you are cursing them for not doing.

And face this fact- no diseases (save polio and a few others) have been cured, despite over 80 years since the foundation of modern medicine (which I base off of the discovery of penicillin in the 1920s). No matter how many trillions of dollars are pumped into Research and Development, we've come NO WHERE.

This is, unless, you subscribe to the belief that cures have been found and supressed at all costs as they would damage pharmaseutical profits. This is my belief. It is these (in your words) fat greedy explatives that impede your cures. Under this theory, even if stem cell research worked, you wouldn't get rid of your neuropathy. I understand the associated pain of neuropathy, it runs in my family. There is very little to help it. Try some Accupuncture, though. It is having decent success with neuropathy, generally 6 months to a year to reduce it to 10% of the original pain.
Last I looked, we were having a debate, so don’t attack my character by. “ you also can’t understand simple economic concepts. I’ll explain in simple terms ” I consider this to be an attack of character and really bearing no means to a debate. Its more of a behavioral retaliation, that when one if faced with a question or statement they cannot fully answer or defend, they make the other person look bad. I also think you should back off of my spelling, when you yourself misspelled a handful of words. Mistaken cannot be mistakened? Mistaken is already past tense. Pharmaceutical companies. Not pharmaseutical. Suppressed that two p’s. expletives not explatives. Acupuncture not acc just one c.

Also I think I would rather have the neuropathy then acupuncture. My symptoms are numbness and foot drop, elbow drop etc. Just increased weakness; it leans more to a genetic neuropathy with liability to post palsy pressure.

I hope you’re not under the impression that I’m unintelligent for that unnecessary rant, though I was highly offended, I should not have retaliated in such an out of character manner.

Back to Stem Cell Research; I think that to fully understand were I’m debating from, you need to recognize what Stem Cell’s are, and there history, and future:

“Stem cells are generally very early stage cells that have the ability to turn into other specialised types of cells.
For example a stem cell can turn into liver cells, skin cells , nerve cells etc. These early stage cells can have differing abilities to turn into more specialised cells.”
“There are generally 3 types of stem cells that are important:
• embryonic stem cells
• adult stem cells
• umbilical cord stem cells”
Stem cells are significant for a number of reasons. These include things like:
• Potential therapeutic uses such as:
o cures for diabetes, brain diseases like Parkinson. Treatments for cancer
or Multiple sclerosis (MS)
• Ethical concerns
o Issues of when is a human, misuse.
• Curiosity”

Now, for the United States President George W. Bush and his few on this:
“I agree” < he said that. He agrees with stem cell research. However, Unlike President Bush, the United States Conservative Party and some Democratic Party member’s said “No”, but certain types of adult stem cell harvesting is legal. But really, it helps nothing; we need embryonic stem cells to fully understand them. I’m not asking for a cure tomorrow, but if help fund this research now, we are stepping forward.
It is true about the lack of medical discoveries regarding diseases like these, have been too few and far between, but maybe it’s because we have been looking in the wrong places. Maybe, just maybe our medical future lies in genetics.
To the real debate, Liberals and Conservatives; I’m neither nor, but I would say I favor the liberal point of view more. All depends on the person who is leading. I think that for Canada, the Conservative party was the better pick, in the states, I despise the Conservatives. Why, just like organized religion, it doesn’t allow change.
To survive in the modern world, we have to change. Clinging onto old, unnecessary morals that don’t apply to this era, is not a good leadership, I think the past has shown us this.
Yeah I’m done. Sorry For any rudeness or curdeness.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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