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Originally Posted by Sid-Vicious
Originally Posted by Kiros72
You can think what you want, as everyone does.

Though as said before, God exists, and Jesus is our savior. Simple as that.
Well I Only Read the 1st Thing and this one, lol believe what u want, but u cant just say "God Exist", WHen I Heard that..., Heres What I think

Universe is Just a Thing, I Believe that The Big Bang Happened, And Adam and Eve wont the 1st people, I reckon the Apes(Forgot what they were called but i know its starts with M) Evolved into Humans, And thats all, No Offence if this is A Complete Opposite to what u think
... my god you cant be serious? you actually believe in the big bang theory? that is possibly the most farfetched idea that ive ever heard. aparently the universe is expanding. so at some point in time billions of years ago the whole universe which some people think is never ending. (i dont) was all packed tightly into a tiny little ball. and out of the blue just blew up creating the universe. i think that is the most ridiculas theory ever.
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