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Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker
Hey koler, what do you think republicanism (i know thats not a word) is all about. Cut taxas for the rich cut benifits for the poor. and most importantantly, GET more oil.

P.s. i am liberal
Actually, the plan is to cut taxes for everyone, which puts more money in the average joe's pocket, which is then recirculated into the economy. This make it run better, and Bush's tax cuts DID spur the economy.

Also, as for oil, if you listened to Bush's state of the union address, he wants to move away from our dependance on oil and more to clean coal, solar and wind power, and safe nuclear technology. Although we do still live in an oil dependant society, we are moving away from that. If liberals would stop blocking our attempts to build more clean facilities and remove old oil burning facilities...

In the mean time, thank the Lord for your ability to have oil to make your life as comfortable as it is. You'd probably be dead, or at least dead before 40, without oil. We have enough oil in Alaska, Offshore in the atlantic and gulf coasts, and in the area outlined by the Rand survey to outdrill the Middle East and not depend on those unstable areas for oil. But, once again, liberal extremists refuse to allow domestic drilling... The Rand survey alone has more oil than Saudi Arabia...

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