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Why do people go on rollercoasters...or goto parties?
Why do people listen to music?
Why eat chocolate?
Why do people exercise?
Why do people have sex?

All of these things are some of the feelings you can get from drugs. People don't do them because they want to be cool. If you take them you understand, it's like asking someone who cuts why you cut? You can't really put your finger on an exact answer, but most of society looks down on you and it's kind of hidden away.

The simple answer would be...Why do people drink? Because it's fun.

My answer would be...I like to try things, because i won't really want to be doing them when im older, i want to try and see what the body can feel, explore my mind and help grow a more diverse open minded personality, drugs have opened my mind, i wouldn't be the way i am now, and thinking the way i do now if it wasn't for drugs.

They are illegal, but they do jsut the same as alcohol, afterall alcohol is a drug just as much as heroin is a drug. Just illegal drugs give different feelings, or similiar but better or worse feelings than alcohol, it really depends on the indiviudal.

You might aswell call drug users psychonaughts, afterall we are venturing into the most complex and enlightening aspect of your whole life, your brain and body.

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