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Originally Posted by 1337 Man
Originally Posted by BLacK SunlighT
Originally Posted by 1337 Man

God has not punished since Christ's arrival, he has only rewarded. He's not forcing you to repent.
How do you know that? The way I see it, god punishes and tortures people everyday.

Originally Posted by 1337 Man
And even if God created homosexuals, and that's one huge if, homosexuals could still get to heaven - if they didn't act upon their attractions. Homosexual acts are condemned in several parts of the Bible, but attraction in people of the same sex is not. He's essentially expecting us to resist temptation.
It's not temtation. Some homosexuals are just born the way they are. All throughout history, you'll hear about homosexuality. It's not just something a person can change. There are gays that want to become straight but they can't becuase it's jjust the way they are... and if they want to act upon it, fine. What kind of god would say homosexuals are not allowed to enjoy passion,sex and romance just because they'd prefer it with the same sex... why is being straight nececarrily more pure than being gay?
God does not torture or punish. Only Satan tortures and punishes.

As for the homosexual argument, for one, anal sex is a perversion, which is forbidden. Also, you seem to forget that reproduction is important, but homosexuals cannot reproduce. That, is why they are considered impure.
Reproduction is only important to Catholics. Homosexuals are equals, and if we're allowed to act upon our temptations by gods "law", they should be able to too. And God knows all right? So he knows our future? So he knows that some kids who are born are going to become homosexuals? So he does nothing about this and just tells them that they're sinners and are going to hell if they're allowed to live their life? This is all a load of bull.
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