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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by Blargy View Post
I can handle pain, but just the KNOWING of where it is would really disturb me.
I'm barely ever squeamish, I will look at just about ANYTHING on the internet, on TV, and I even didn't look away when I saw someone bleeding from their scalp a LOT (don't ask) but for some reason, anything below the waist [you know what i mean, obviously not legs] is just REALLLY unnerving to me, I really don't think I'd be able to.

Also- why wouldn't I just be able to use some stuff to help? My mom & doctor just said "Do it in the shower or something," but water really DOESN'T help. Saliva has been the best thing I have access to, but even then the most i can ever manage to do is stretch it to be able to maybe the size of a pencil, which definitely isn't enough. Most guys my age would probably be happy when they're penises got bigger, but I really was terrified because I could barely stretch it enough before my penile growth spurt, and now I definitely can NOT.
Blargy, are you prepared to say what country you're in and how old you are?

First off, with regards to if you did have an operation with a local anaesthetic they would almost certainly put a sort of screen up so you couldnt see what was going on.

Secondly, I'm uncut and I love having a foreskin, that makes me biased, but I havent experienced your problem. But I would advise you not to rush into getting cut because if you regret it later there's not really any way back.

Next, if your mom is that aware of the situation to the extent that she's heard your doctor tell you to try wanking in the shower then tell her thats not working and that there is still a problem and ask her if she will buy you some lube. I'm sure that would be embarassing, but it sounds as if you've got past some of the embarassing questions already so maybe you can do that, and it also sounds as if she would want you to be honest and would want to try to help. Proper lube is good stuff, believe me, maybe it would help.
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