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Originally Posted by JustNick View Post
Yes, of course its possible, but the doctors would not want to do that. General anaesthetic carries risks, a local anaesthetic would be enough for this job. But you should talk to your doctor about it anyway.
I can handle pain, but just the KNOWING of where it is would really disturb me.
I'm barely ever squeamish, I will look at just about ANYTHING on the internet, on TV, and I even didn't look away when I saw someone bleeding from their scalp a LOT (don't ask) but for some reason, anything below the waist [you know what i mean, obviously not legs] is just REALLLY unnerving to me, I really don't think I'd be able to.

Also- why wouldn't I just be able to use some stuff to help? My mom & doctor just said "Do it in the shower or something," but water really DOESN'T help. Saliva has been the best thing I have access to, but even then the most i can ever manage to do is stretch it to be able to maybe the size of a pencil, which definitely isn't enough. Most guys my age would probably be happy when they're penises got bigger, but I really was terrified because I could barely stretch it enough before my penile growth spurt, and now I definitely can NOT.
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