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Originally Posted by VirtualTeen View Post
I have the same problem with my penis. When I pull the foreskin back it really hurts and the head the penis is really sensitive. It hurts so much that I can't clean it and it is really hard to masturbate.

What's wrong with me?
Nothing. Its just that your foreskin is tight around your glands. its normal, and you can find instructions for pulling your foreskin back in my Puberty Guide in my signature. Now then, as for the sensitivity, its caused because those are raw nerves being exposed there, and they have never actually had feeling outside of the lubricated foreskin. you can reduce sensitivity simply by touching the head and the glands as much as you want to.

Originally Posted by Vladimir Lenin View Post
well...i think you should get cut dude , i had the same problem
Nooo. What awful advice. You shouldn't go out an get circumcised because of a little tight foreskin. Circumcision is only for extreme measures.

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