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Time for some pwnage.

Originally Posted by boognish
woot woot work it shaolin! yeah what he said plus the reason religion is here to enslave, what is it called when an overlord (i.e. god ok, God) that forces you to be punished (i.e. repnet or hell) for doings that he feels is you shouldnt have done (i.e. sins)

think about it
God has not punished since Christ's arrival, he has only rewarded. He's not forcing you to repent.

Originally Posted by maximan
Well, a lot of christians take the bible way too literally.
And a lot of Christians are myopic rednecks that voted for Bush. See the connection?

Originally Posted by BLacK SunlighT
I hate religions... they cause wars, discrimination and yes, they are enslaving. God didn't write the bible. It's full of lies and holes. I mean why would god make homosexuals if he wanted them to go to hell? Why do christians bellieve their religion is the only true religion when everyoone else believes the same about their own? +--
God did not write the bible, yes, but people wrote it with His assistance. As for the "holes and lies", those are all caused by mistranslations. There probably weren't any "holes" or "lies" in the original copies of the bible.

And God created homosexuals? What the hell are you smoking? Homosexuality is created by environmental conditions.

And even if God created homosexuals, and that's one huge if, homosexuals could still get to heaven - if they didn't act upon their attractions. Homosexual acts are condemned in several parts of the Bible, but attraction in people of the same sex is not. He's essentially expecting us to resist temptation.

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