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meh, that still makes it sound obvious. *cracks open book on dating written by yours truly n.n* well lets see now, you have got be be less desperate. you need to relax, women don't like really desperate, nervous guys. they want sombody whos smooth and confident. so when your around this girl, flirt a bit, compliment her, weather you be complimenting her shirt, or hair, or shoes, shoes are good, girls are obsessive about shoes (cant quite figure that one out) and just be polite, but not over polite. let her win in about 80% of all discussions you have, buy her a drink at lunch, but don't make it seem to obvious that you did, just be like, "hey, I had a bit extra so anyone want a drink, and then give it to her instead of your other friends. ask her out not blatently. somthing like "hey, me and so and so are gonna run to the movies on saturday. and then if she gets there, just be like "so and so couldnt make it so its just us" tahts a good one. anyway, don't change who you are, but try to be mature about this. hope I helped

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