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Default Being sent away.

So everything has been falling apart for the last couple weeks.

i got kicked out of my moms house and now i'm living with my dad.

My brother depsises me because he doesn't want me moving in (he lives with my dad) and eveytime i come in the door i'm welcomed by a "i hate you" from him.

i'm most likly getting sent to the closest thing to a millitary school, a all girls bording school for troubled teens, anda if i get sent there, i'm leaving hime becuase i can't go there.

i read the whole web site for the bording school, and cried like crazy becuase i know i can't go there.

if any of you are bord, heres the web site
and don't tell me its not thyat bad because its bad enough to me.

my mom needs to stop sovleing her problems by sending us away, first my brother to boot camp, now this.

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