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I've really never heard of that, but it might be the problem

Let's try fooling around in the OS first

At the bottom right corner of you desktop, double click the volume icon (you should be familiar with this by now). If Mic is not shown under a column, then go to Options and make sure Advanced Controls is checked - also, go to Options >> Properties >> select you sound card drivers in the Mixer device >> select Playback from the radio buttons >> check Mic and Line In << go back to the radio buttons and select Recording >> check Recording Control, Mic, and Line In << go back to the radio buttons and select Playback >> Press OK.

Now, this will show if you have the Mic/Line In output muted or at a low volume. I suggest raising both volumes (as Line In can be used just as a Mic can). Press the Advanced button under Mic. If you have 20dB under anything in that menu, check it, if you can raise the volume on both channels, raise it.

You should test the mic now to see if any output can be heard. If not, go to Options >> Properties >> select Recording from the radio buttons >> Press OK. Look under the Mic column and make sure that the Select box is checked! Now exit the volume control.

Again, you should now test the mic. If nothing is heard, make sure the mic is plugged in to the red/pink jack instead of the blue one

Also, it's time to go in to control panel. Go to start >> Settings (if you have it) >> Control Panel >> on the left panel, click Switch to Classic View if it's not already in that >> Sounds and Audio Devices >> go to the Audio tab >> make sure the correct default devices are set for both sound playback and sound recording. While in the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties, go to the Voice tab >> at the bottom right, press Test hardware... You might or might not have this, so if you don't, then tell me.

That should do the trick If not, we'll have to take another look around the drivers and possibly the BIOS.

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