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Originally Posted by Dfsg
Now on to the legal debate, which, although I am not a legal expert, I do enjoy arguing it. I simply point out that cases such as Michigan v Kurr set a precident that will one day make it to the Supreme Court for further decision. They show the flaws to Roe v Wade. If you allow abortion to the relatively small number of women seeking it, you strip the relatively large number of women who want to keep their children from the right to protect their fetuses. What do you think should happen to a boyfriend uses simple misdemeanor assault to abort her girlfriend's fetuses? Let us hope that the Roberts Court will change things.

Hurah to Samuel Alito and John Roberts!
yeeeeaaaahhhh what in the fuck are you talking about. its not stripping anyones rights. if a guy does that, which he could do today, that like, lets see, maul pratice, praticing medicine without a lisense, abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, sooooooooooo many things. but that won't change just because abortions legeal, you wouldnt be able to do it yourslef, you would still have to go to the clinic. I mean, really, WTF do you think would happen if abortion was legeal. it is legeal now dumbfuck? good lord, what is wrong with you people, you somehow think somthing horrid will happen if abortion is legeal. IT IS LEGEAL NOTHING BAD IS HAPPENING. fukc I don't want full blown abortion to be right, it the baby is more then a cuple month old, too late in my books, its developing a brain by then, its alive. but jesus, you all are blowing this out of proportion. FREAKIN OUT

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