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my experiance has already happened...HA! HA HA HA! -talks to self- should i tell? or make them SUFFER DEARLY!!!??? ok, ill tell....

imagine this. your sittin on the beach, suns going down. your on a towel, with no people around. perfect weather, no wind, just so warm. then, my BIGGEST CRUSH comes by, and sits next to me. he lays down and says "this is so beautiful" -orgasim- so, his hands are behind his back, and he pulls out 2 candles in 1 hand with the lighter, and plates with some easy mac stuff....lights the candels, and we sit there and eat easy mac...*ok, not the most romantic, but it was thought* then, we look at eachother dead in the eye, and i lean over and kiss him so softly *mind you, he didnt know i was gay* i lean back, blushed like fucking hell, and he smiles and says so hawtly "its ok, come here and show me how you did that" IT WAS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWSOME! all alone, on a beach, candles, and a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hawt guy. so perfect.....

sorry for interupting, now go pester james.

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