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you see its funny, because every girl i meet and ask this they say just that, but its really not true, not matter how nice his eyes, how funny, how loving he may be, there are just some physical things that most women cant get over. not saying men are any better, look at Maxim, but we cant deny that society believes that your mind and personality are the most important qualities, but doesnt really act out that belief. like the christian that eats pig. yeah yeah you think its just jewish people, but read the bible, its one of the few things god is specific about, but there are thousands of men and women like me that have all these great qualities but can never and probly will never find anyone to love them until the have surgery or give up their values to reach the standard just to get a date. well im depressed about it, as bad as it is to be alone is just intensified by the fact that at one point i wasnt alone in my life, but after moving away from my love, and my love moving away also, me gaining gross amounts of weight from the depression, developing zits because of stress, all adds up to insecurities.

and the most depressing part is that if i had, and i have, the chance to find someone, i cant. im not social with strangers or people im in love with. i have developed a phobia to starting relationships, while at the same time getting depressed from not being in a relationship, sad huh?

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