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Originally Posted by koler
Amen acording to most siences the earths sustanable population is at 250 million humans. we are currently at somthing like 6 billon, and the numeber is growing at a expediential rate. we are adding rufly 6 millon people to the earth every three weeks. That is the eqwivelent size of Las angelus. So what if some kids don't be born. We are alread grossly overpopulated.
I have trouble believing that number. sustanable population 250 million. there are way more people in the unitedstates alone. If we conserve our resourses and create a world bound under peace, we could duble in fact tripple our population without problem. you could fit all the population of the world in a humongous neighborhood the size of texas if you wanted to. We have the power to overcome all obsticles.
It is true the earth is only able to support approxementily 250 million humans. Currently we use up about 50% of the earths water and land resorces, that forces the rest of the animal kindom do fight for the rest. We can not continu to live this whay. if we do we face compleat and total Annihilation. So taking one human off the earth is not going to cripple the population. Why do you think that after the black plaque whitch wiped out 1/2 of the population of europe, their was the Renaissance. The reson why is b/c their were less people. Death is just another part of life, and without it we would all be dead.

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