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ok, most of you all have given completely false answers. You can have sex at really any age. the deal is. Minors. and non minors having sex. in most states the age of consent is either 16, or 18 (17 in new york). so what that means is:

if you are 16 or older, you can have sex ONLY with people over 16.

if you are 18 or older, you can have sex ONLY with people over 18.

and so on for 17 or what ever the age of consent is in your state. If sombody over the age of consent (16,17,18 ) had sex with sombody under, it would be considered, under state law, to be stateitory rape. that means that the two people both wanted sex, but because one was under the age of stateitory consent, they were "raped" in the eyes of the law.

for example:

sally sue is 16 years old. In her state, the age of consent is 18. Her boyfriend is 18 years old. They have had sex before, and sally sues mother found out that they had sex. Sally Sue's parents are now fililing statetory rape charges against her boyfriend. and because of the law, he will be punished, posibly jailed for rape charges.

glad we all understand. have a nice day!

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