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I have CS 1.0 on the school computers, though we only play on LAN anyway
CS 1.0?? WOW that must be the shittiest graphics ever, and by the way I often play CS:S
yea, i have my friends account to use also, and it has cs:s on it. What kind of video cards u got, cus im not sure if the account is just screwd up or if my comp cant handle source. and btw, have any of u played F.E.A.R? It is actually a scary game. like i was playing at a friends house at 2am and this guy popped out right in front of me and i was involuntaryily screaming, like i couldnt stop and i just kept backing up wasting away a clip on him
I got a Radeon 9550 I beileive. It is fairly old but it does it's job, and yes i tried the F.E.A.R demo, it is scary dude, i couldnt play it.
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