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Originally Posted by Kyle
ok here is the thing
ANY1 UNDER THE AGE OF 16 (usually females) having sex wit sum1 olda, thats automaticcally illegal
if u r both under 16, i rekon u blame the guy on it:p
cos i 1ce watched this Law And Order where the tennis coach has sex wit his pupil. and she was 14, but it ended up that the parents preteneded she was 14 so she cood enter Under 16 Comp.
the point is: They Guy didnt get in truble cos she was ova 16

p.s he ended up goin 2 jail cos he murdered a hispanic tennis player
what a great twist. Law and Order just keeps making quality programing, why cant the guy just end up being off the hook, and not have some completely random thing put him in jail?

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