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Originally Posted by WelshLad
Kk first thing, i would't recommend having your full name as a user name. If you want to change it, make a post in VT HQ forum

second, i'd expect your hair to turn out dark brown considering your eyebrows etc. (but that's not definate)
If you did shave, it would grow back thicker and quicker so if you don't want a tash/beard at this stage i'd leave it for a while unless you think you can keep up with the shaving. It's a bitch after a while

Make sure you use warm water and shaving foam if using a normal razor - don't use electric yet
Ok thanks but will the hair start to get thicker and darker by it's self without me shaving any time soon? When I run my hand across my cheek I can definitly feel quite a bit of hair but it's not visably clear.
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