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Default Facial Hair

Hi, my name is Harry, I am 14 and I am from London, England.

I've always thought of myself as an early bloomer or whatever you call people who hit puberty early. I have a lot of leg hair, underarm hair, pubic hair and anus hair. I have little arm hair and hardly any chest hair. My question is, should I expect to start shaving my face yet? I have a noticable amount of blond hairs on my upper lip, lower lip and chin. I also have hair on the sides of my face but it's not as long and quite light. So should I expect my facial hair to get darker, thicker and longer anytime soon?

Also when facial hair does come, what colour will it be. My head is ginger but my eyebrows, pubes and armpit hair are dark brown. So will my facial hair be ginger or brown?
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