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no. just because a majority of americans get circumsized. doesnt make it right. its not like it helps anything or hurts anything. people who lived thousands of years ago in unsanitary conditions, thought of it, so that it wouldnt get dirty. but guess what, we have showers now, and as long as ya clean, you will be fine. its not the most important thing to worry about at 13. its not important to worry about at any age. We should all stop worrying about our penises. Its a penis.....thats all it is....thats all it will ever be. its annoying, and nobody but the person who has it, worries about it. we have all these farfetched ideas that other guys and girls are gonna be like "WHOA THATS SMALL GO AWAY" but nobody really does that. would you? if you saw sombody elses. no. or hell maybe your an ass and would. I don't know. but really. don't worry about it. j ust leave it be. don't go hacking away at your body cuz you don't like the way it looks.

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