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Originally Posted by 1337 Man
Originally Posted by maximan
Originally Posted by Dfsg
Here's a question:

According to the topic, Christianity is here to enslave me. How is it doing this?
It's convincing you that
(a) "God" exists when there is no substantial proof at all
(b) You need to capitolize the word he when referring to "god"
(c) its convincing you that you need to spend 2 hours every Sunday morning obsessing over questionable explinations for why the world is the way it is
(a) You have no proof God doesn't exist.
(b) What's your point?
(c) It isn't. I'm Christian, but I don't attend church much. Being a Christian could just mean you follow Christian values.
(a) you have no proof god does exist. Lack of proof means something isnt real. I mean I could say "you have no proof santa claus doesnt exist!" But there's no proof for him, so therefore he doesnt exist. And don't say "gods miracles are everywhere!" or "the bible has stories...". First of all, we aren't gods miracles, we're the result of millions of years of evolution. Second of all, maybe all the things in the bible did happen. Maybe there was a god some time ago. But where has he been for the last 1000 years? He didn't show up in the dark ages when people were getting wrongfully slaughtered...and he's still yet to show his face. I think he went on vacation 8)
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