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It's life according to the Courts of Michigan. Although some may not trust our Legal system, the courts ruling is simply that a mother has the right to protect her unborn fetuses. Would you want to strip a mother of that right?

Lets look at this- to be life, something must Grow, move, respond to stimuli, respire, have metabolism, reproduce on their own (which is why viruses aren't life), and excrete. Face it- an 11 year old boy can not reproduce. Should we be able to kill him just because he doesn't fit the biological criterea of life? No! He can potentially reproduce, just as a fetus can potentially do all of the biological mechanisms of life. You silly definition of life is skewed.

So, you abortion lovers must think that mothers CAN NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE protect their fetuses. Also, why don't you allow abortion of 11 year olds. They certainly don't exactly fit the criteria of life. Hypocracy, that's all it is.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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