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Default Re: Do I have an OCD?

I do that alot and if I walk with my right foot first I can't help but jump on both feet then start with my left foot jump again and carry on walking. If my spelling is wrong sometimes it drives me crazy, if therebis a smear on my iTouch then if I dont wipe it then it makes me annoyed. I suffer from ADHD and my friends think I have OCD ive heard of it but never knew what it was. I can do make up because if I put fondation on oneside of my face I woe it offand start with the over side. I'm exactly the same, when I walk into a room I have to turn the light on with both hands so it doesn't irritate, I also get very disturbing thoughs but that is a little bit of my ADHD so just get checked out. Do you ever get it when your drawing I'd there is a crease on the paper it males you andry I get that all the time

FREEZE mother fucker..
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