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Hmm Avant... Tried that a few days ago. Still like Firefox over it. It's based on IE, so I'll just ignore the fact that it's different, and assume it's crap for the very fact that it's based on IE.

Originally Posted by Kiros72
Eh, only William can make Linux look sexy

It's not that difficult. Just a Window theme, Icon theme, and a background I like.

I actually have my task bar looking like my Windows XP screenshot right now. Same start button, almost the same taskbar appearance. I just need to fix the font colors, and bend some of the colors, replace the MS logo with the KDE logo and it'll be great.

It's a start. The Normal KDE bar is too boring for me.

I think KDE needs to work on it's Memory usage though. But, I'm sure they'll fix that in Version 4.

- Bill
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