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About what Dfsg had said about a case that had made the woman's unborn children be used as the people being attacked and since they were people the woman was allowed to kill the man by 3rd party defence. please relize that killing the children that way could also have been fatal to the mother also. also i wouldnt put much trust in what court cases say like that for example there was a case in texas about a man that murdered his best friend and hid his body. he decapitated his friend, cut up his body and threw him in the woods. that man, never went to jail, why? the murder and the disposing of the body were "accidents". another example i would like to give is a phrase, "if the glove does not fit you must aquit" now those verdicts were bull. but a good lawyer can do wonders.

i am a man of non-faith. i do not rule my life or my beliefs on Gods veiw. the idea of when a baby is a person is a big thing. i personally fell abortion should be legal and allowed up to the 22 week after that i fell that the child have developed to far and could be considered murder and cause trama to the mother, here is another's view on when fetuses are condsiderd "human"

"Whether or not abortion should be legal turns on the answer to the question of whether and at what point a fetus is a person. This is a question that cannot be answered logically or empirically. The concept of personhood is neither logical nor empirical: It is essentially a religious, or quasi-religious idea, based on one's fundamental (and therefore unverifiable) assumptions about the nature of the world." Paul Campos, professor of law at the University of Colorado. (2002)

forcing every mother in the world to give birth to every child ever conceived, well im afraid that out population would not be able to hold it. we have already over populated this earth, there is not enough area in the earth for the amount of housing needed. we are already being forced into smaller and smaller confines to survive. nowadays it is enough space for a 10 person family in a 3 bedroom home. that is how bad it has gotten, when 10 people fell comfertable in 3 bedrooms. really, i know its messed up but i think there should be a age limit to how old you can grow to, yeah i know it is fucked up. but i dont think people that have become demening to society shouldnt be paid for to keep alive (i.e. Jail, social socurity, etc.)

after 22 weeks an unborn baby i agree is human and should not be aborted, but earlier is fine. abortion can not be done after 22 weeks i think. its not legal, why? because science recognizes them as human, but before that there is no sign that there is any thought processes going on, and the child can not live without the mother before that point. if you will not allow abortion, how about allowing forced premature births? if they are human the entire pregnancy then they should be allowed to be born at any point, are you going to deny them the right to be born?

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