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if you are in pain you should not have to sit through the pain. those that say God decides whether we live or die, can go and "rise above" on their day of acension and meet their God, but here on a rational world, we cant rule our lives on what this thing that we have no clue what/ who it is or what he/she really wants. GOD SHOULDNT DECIDE ANYTHING FOR YOU, YOU OWN YOUR SELF, NO ONE SHOULD RULE YOU, ITS CALLED FREEDOM

the thing that doctors are ment to heal and save? not true. doctors are yes supposed to heal, but they are also there to end pain. and if the only way to end the pain is death, then it should be an option. to keep people from just getting depressed and having their doctor inject them, there should be a government department devoted to it, you get paperwork, analysis, and go to a specialist to decide whether you should be allowed death. its not right to deny death

and if you do not have the ability to speak for your self, those highest in closeness to you should be allowed to decide for you. I.E. husband/wife decides spouses fate not the mother and father.

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