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Hate to burst your bubbles, but you can. you know cold sores? if you have Herpes on your genitals and you have an outbreak, touching your face or the inside of your mouth can speread it to your face and throat. also you can do the same the other way, yes your cold sores can give you herpes. the doctor league thingy no longer recognize cold sores and herpes as completly different, now they are the same thing, as in, if you have a cold sore you have a form of herpes and you can give genital herpes from your oral herpes . so if you get a cold sore, you have mouth herpes! but its ok because 3/4 people have mouth herpes.

Also though people will say that this isnt contracting a new disease, its spreading an old one, it is a new one because though the classification is now the same, it is 2 slightly different things. genatil herpes can be spread at any time, and hurt like hell and come up as many tiny blister like things. mouth herpes are very hard to transmit when you arnt breaking out, hurt, but are usually 1 oe 2 largeish sores, not blisters

food for thought

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