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1. Call some one you know you can talk to and talk about your feelings. It's bad to hold them inside.
2. Bite on something malleable (something close to the feel of skin).
3. Remember that some one loves you (if you cant think of anyone who would love you think of me).
4. Kick something.
5. Scream as loud as you can. No holding back!
6. Eat your favorite food.
7. Watch your favorite TV show or a comedy.
8. Think of something hilarious and laugh your head off (even if afterward you feel stupid just laugh!).
9. Cuddle with your favorite stuffed animal.
10. Buy a cheap pillow and take all your anger/emotion out on it.
11. Surf the web ( look at some funny sites).
12. Listen to music (not angry music).
13. Make weird faces at yourself in the mirror until your face hurts and then laugh at how funny you looked.
14. Listen to other peoples problems and try to help them (sometimes it makes your problem seem like just one rain drop on your windshield where as before it seemed like millions).
15. Think of ways to get out of your next test in school.
16. Every time you lose blood think of your blood being the one in the world you love more than any thing else (I doubt you wanna lose them).
17. Think of ways to eliminate your angry/fear/depression/or whatever it is that makes you cut.
18. Write a journal instead of bleeding blood bleed the words you want to say but never could except inside your head.
19. Go to websites like this and look for things like this just to keep you occupied and prepared for the next time you have an urge thats too unbearable to withstand.
20. Draw on yourself with red washable marker (looks like blood).
21. Put warm red colored water on where ever you want to SI (makes it look and feel like blood).
22. Talk to a complete stranger and tell them your secrets just to get them off your chest.
23. Snap a rubber band against your wrist.
I love him and he loves me so every thing is perfect.............. or so you would think until you get inside my sick and destorted thoughts.

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