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Default Re: **Does Penis Size Matter?**

Originally Posted by gameadict61709 View Post
i am rather small at about 4" most of my life i have been scared that i would not be big enough for sex. now i have a girlfriend we have had sex and she is okay with my size. but i am still kind of worried about it. is my size really okay?
Don't worry, you're the average size!

Seriously though, it is all down to how you use it, and the G-spot is only a couple of inches in, so its no problem really.

Someone said earlier about porn provoking an unfair view of male genitalia, and this i agree with completely. Porn is acting - its fantasy, it isn't REAL.

On a lighter note, too big is also a turn off, because it hurts. I reckon that as long as you are with someone who you are comfortable with and who you just seem to "fit", and you will know when this happens, promise! then the size really doesn't matter.
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