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Hello again, I came here making my rant about myself and exclaming that I'm very worried that I might be gay, I made a post back during the Summer, July I think, I didn't bump the topic cuz I didn't know if you guys frown upon that or what not, but let me stop rammbling. :/ I'll recap on what I had said and what's been happening to me. Well, I've from time to time been becoming attracted to other guys. I mean, I don't really think I'm gay because I do like some girls, but my fasination with them is diminishing and guys are taking over. I find it very strange for this to happen so sudden at a worse time too since prom is coming soon (I'm a High School Senior) and well, this is HS, finding ones self is hard enough. :/ Well, you guys had suggested what I was going though was probably a phase and I tried to believe that too but I think reality is taking it's course and it's ******* me over. I've become very stressed out in life, gotten depressed a bit, made it hard for me to speak to people (but I always was shy) and it's impacted my life for the worse. I've liked many girls in my life and I actually still do, but the problem is that my attraction to girls keeps coming and going and the same with guys. It may be a sign of immaturity, but this has really made me angry and I'm just not going to accept this. I know you guys are probably going or went though the same thing as I, but I just can't deal with it. My life has been really ****** and this adds to the angish. I really don't know what to do. Damn, sorry for rammbling on about my troubles and if anyone has any suggestions or comments please do respond.
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