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Default Re: First kiss......SIGH

I don't think kissing is all that it's worked up to be.
My first kiss was a drunken mistake (first/last time drinking -.-), right before I went into 7th grade.
Since then i've had all sorts of kisses.
Sloppy, eager, aggressive, nervous, ect.
But those are all the people i kissed.. I don't really get nervous. It just kinda happens.

Kissing is just two peoples lips moving in sync. Nothing less nothing more. I would suggest saving your first kiss for someone you truly care about, though. If I had my choice.. I'd take back every kiss i've ever given, and save them all for Josh.

When the time comes, don't be nervous. If you're nervous, so is she. Just take it one step at a time.
Don't be ashamed, if anything you should be proud.

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