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the reason why not is that the churches beliefs could interfere with the laws and actions made by the government. also the churches arnt always as nice as one would think, there was 1 church charity that was closed because the church would not help homeless and destitute people unless they renounced their god and went through all of the procedures that church practised

the church ideals of life have caused research that could have saved millions of lives from the medicine it would have developed to be stoped, because the way to do the research would include abortion and tests on the aborted fetus, yes stem cells.

also the church is a major factor in the gay marrige issue. personally i dont give a flying crap what the church defines marrige, but marrige is a religious thing, the governemt has no right to deny any homosexual man or woman from being married, the church does. but the governement does have the right to deny those people the benifits and privilages that married people get. in essence, the governement has the right to deny a civil union. a civil union though should be allowed to every man or women regardless of the couple. now churches can do what they want, since marrige is between a man and a women, but civil unions are between anyone, the government should not have the ability to marry people but unionize them. MARRIGE IS A RELIGIOUS THING. marrige involves ritual, union invole a court room. also i would like to finish this part with the fact that the bible does acctually say that homosexuallity is wrong(matt. 5:32 and cor. 6:13 i think), and thats the reason im not christian.

so seperation of church in state should mean that the government has none to little influence on church activites, and the church has none to little affiliation with the governement. but thats not true, not at all. great idea on paper, impossible in reality. i heard about this idea a book read about, money greed and sex are not the roots of all evil, religion is the root of all evil.

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