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Default Re: Christmas is under attack

Originally Posted by nwshc
And soon all holidays will. Here are some prime examples:
A school district here in Massachusetts has banned ALL religious christmas carols. The school is now refering a christmas tree as a "magical tree" and any song with the word christmas tree in it will be replaced by "magical tree". They have also banned santa clause and santa hats. They have also banned wearing green AND red at the same time. Their reasoning: So people do not get offended, and to be diverse.

Another prime example:
My cousin goes to preschool. They are not allowing them to draw pictures of a christmas tree. Drawing stockings are even borderline. This is so we respect everyone else.

These are just alittle sample of all the stupid shit going on here.
Soon if this keeps going like it is, Jews will not be able to wear a yamacha (SP?) in public, or who knows, a Manourah (sp?) will probably be called a "magical candle holder" or a "holiday candle holder"

This is ubsurd.
i know that screwed up! my ex's sister told the vice principal "merry christmas" and she got suspended for the rest of the day and her mom had to go talk to the principal..all because lauren told him merry christmas. thats so retarded.

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