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Originally Posted by ScotsGirl
Originally Posted by {[Confused*92
Originally Posted by WelshLad
(See Friends - Episode when Ross tries to flirt with the pizza girl).
Friends rocks!! :o
ROFL!!! That was a hilarious episode! hehehe

Anyway, lol

Okay, the question here is who do you like better?
I completely agree!
I also agree with the fact that you shouldnt keep the other girl on the sidelines for 'back-up'

As for letting her know you like her more than a friend, you could try what Lloyd said, about checking with her friends first.
Im not sure I completely understand when you say you do somethings that made her jsut think you want to be friends, what kind of things?

How much do you actually see of each other? Do you have her number or anything?

As for flirting with her, just relax, be yourself, if youre already good friends then she must like you in some way.
You could try making lots of eye contact with her, even when youre just having a normal conversation, keep up with the eye contact.
And of course, complements are always good. What she is wearing, how her hair is. Complements show that you are paying attention
However, make sure they are genuine complements, dont just say something for the sake of it, say it because you really mean it.
Think about what you do for her as a friend, what kind of things does she expect from you being her friend. Then think about what kind of things she may expect a bf or someone who is more than just a friend to do. Im sure you will come up with plenty of ways you can show her you like her.
If it doesnt do anything else, it might jsut make your friendship stronger .
Like I said, jsut relax and open up to her a bit more.

i agree with that..thats very good advice.

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