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I do realise I dont have a penis so this question isnt really directed at me LOL!
But I jsut wanted to say that i think its a personal thing. Different guys are going to look for different qualities in a girl. Its about finding someone who values the same things as you do, but who is willing to learn to value other things, as well as teach you.

In my opinion, one of the most attractive things about a partner (or a soon to be partner ) is someone you can truly be yourself with. Yes, good sense of humour, common interests and conversation play extremely important parts, but when someone can look at you at 3 o clock in the morning, with serious bed hair, mascara smudged halfway down one cheek, wearing your 'comfy clothes' (you know...the ones you pull out, that you would never wear in front of anyone because you arent feeling well and you jsut want to feel sorry for yourself LOL! ) and instead of telling you to get over it, and to stop your whining, they put there arms around you to comfort you and tell you that they think you look more beautiful than ever.
(...granted, you know they are lying, but the fact that they are there with you and that they would even say that to try and make you feel better, definately makes up for that... minor detail LOL! )

Yes, I think we've been over the fact that Im a serious dork and a sucker for romance LOL! hehe

I hope you find that someone who makes you feel as special as you really are Maria!

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