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Sorry your having nightmares.

My old councelor used to tell me, that nightmares and flashbacks were me telling myself I am strong enough and ready to remember, and then heal. I use to think it was bs and she didn't know what she was talking about. It is hard, it drains you and confuses you but with help of others, things start coming together bit by bit. It becomes not so difficult to talk about, the nightmares come fewer and farther between, and thinking about it only comes every great once in a while. I use to think about it all day and thought I was going crazy, but now I rarely think about it, maybe once every few or more months. Things don't come up unless a name or something is said, but it only lasts for a minute. People saying "get over it" doesn't understand, or else they do, but aren't strong enough or ready to talk about it. Everyone is in different stages of healing. Maybe it hurts your family to think that their little girl/brother/sister etc could have that happen, so instead they don't even want to mention it. Denial seems like a good road to travel (I did for years) but it only supresses things until it comes bursting out and is almost unbarable. Here, we have a victim/witness and a womens refuge, that help out with things like counceling. Also, there is councelors/ therapists that go by a persons income. If you make tons of money, it is like 70 dollars per session, but almost nobody does, for us it was about $5 per session, but for the first 4 years of counceling it was free, paid by victim witness. Maybe it will take some searching around, but you might be able to find something on a sliding scale that could help out with money issues. Don't leave it up to your mom to find it, or you might never get in the door.

Hope everything turns out o.k. for you, if my above post didn't make sence, sorry bout that :-p.

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