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Default hm, if i can remember

k, i'm 19, .. started huffing, thanks to people who already knew how to do it, at the age of 8 when i started to self injure, not cut yet though... any way, huffed anything with a fume starting at 8, smoked pot 13, drank 14, pills (everyone muscle relaxer, pain killer, downer, upper, and ones i didnt know) 14, morphine patches, coke, chewy, meth, albuteral when its not spray but white, x, shrooms, nox, every diff stage i tried.. i kept the ones i had before up.. it got to bad.. i have been in rehab twice buy the time i was 3 months after bein 18, juvy, jail, mental hospital, and.. am going back to rehab in a couple weeks,

would have to say, i'm addicted to all of them, i just switch em... the bad ones to get hooked on r pills (for me methedones) and crys. meth, i'm tryin to kick alchy right now... i have 10 days sober from alchy, the rest, dunno, a few months or more, its a hard path i've tried and failed, but thats why i gotta keep tryin, if i dont i will be dead, i've overdosed, woke up in ambulances, passed out in the snow, blackouts, all by the age of 18.... its no fun guys trust me,

if u wana talk, lapeirce16420 or lillith_2005 on yahoo... i thought it was fun, but when u come damn close to dying yet keep doing it and u lose ur fam. ur money, and r in a deep hole and cant get out... thats when u know its time to climb or wither away,

enough outa me, tc


Never give up,
Never give in,
but making mistakes
is Never a sin
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